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János Kovács
UX Designer, Developer

János is a Hungary based UX designer and developer, focusing on web based and mobile platforms. He is mainly interested in creating easy-to-use, engaging applications for various types of devices.
He has a strong understanding of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, including experience with many popular frameworks like JQuery, Bootstrap and Angular-JS. He has multiple years of experience with server side technologies including Ruby on Rails, Java and PHP.
He started developing for Apple platforms 6 years ago. He has a strong Objective-C background and familiar with the AppStore submission process and iOS Human Interface Guidelines. He has a strong understanding of 3D graphics. Previously he had experience with 3D technologies including OpenGL and DirectX.
He had a formal education of computer programming and holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science.
His childhood hobby of drawing manifested into the love of design and typography. He has strong notions of user interface design. Combining them with his developer background gives him an unique advantage when dealing with UX related problems.
In his freetime he likes to read. He is interested in startups, psychology, technology and marketing. He is a tech-maniac with a huge collection of high-tech widgets. He is a dog person.
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